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PDO threads by Evolve Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine in Waterloo IA

What happens when PDO threads break?

PDO (Polydioxanone) threads have become a minimally invasive solution to rejuvenate sagging skin and combat the effects of aging. Among the popular brands of PDO threads, MINT™ has gained recognition for its innovative approach to non-surgical facelifts. However, PDO thread treatments carry risks and potential complications like any medical procedure. One frequently asked question is, “What happens when MINT™ PDO threads break?” In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the intricacies of MINT™ PDO threads, their potential complications, and how to deal with broken lines.

Understanding MINT™ PDO Threads:

The Basics of PDO Threads

MINT™ PDO threads are medical-grade sutures made of biocompatible polydioxanone. They are commonly used in cosmetic procedures to lift and tighten sagging skin without surgery. The threads stimulate collagen production, resulting in firmer and smoother skin.

The Popularity of MINT™ PDO Threads

MINT™ PDO threads have gained popularity due to their unique design and dissolving properties. They consist of tiny barbs or cones that anchor themselves to the underlying tissues, providing immediate lift and long-term collagen production. These threads have become the go-to choice for those seeking a non-surgical facelift.

Pre-Treatment Preparation

Once you decide to proceed with PDO thread treatment, there are a few preparations to keep in mind:

  1. Avoid Blood Thinners: You may be advised to avoid blood-thinning medications and supplements for a specified period before the procedure to reduce the risk of bruising.
  2. Topical Anesthetic: Your practitioner may apply a topical anesthetic to numb the treatment area. This helps minimize discomfort during the procedure.

The PDO Thread Treatment Process

PDO thread treatment typically involves the following steps:

  1. Cleansing: The treatment area is thoroughly cleaned to reduce the risk of infection.
  2. Marking: Your practitioner will mark the areas where the threads will be inserted. This helps ensure precise placement for the desired lifting effect.
  3. Insertion: A fine needle or cannula inserts the PDO threads beneath the skin. The threads have tiny barbs or cones that anchor themselves to the tissue, providing immediate lift.
  4. Adjustment: Once the threads are in place, your practitioner may gently manipulate them to achieve the desired level of lift and smoothness.
  5. Trimming: Any excess thread may be trimmed, ensuring that nothing protrudes beyond the skin’s surface.

Post-Treatment Care

After the PDO thread treatment, you can expect:

  1. Minimal Downtime: PDO thread treatments typically involve minimal downtime. You can return to your daily activities after the procedure.
  2. Temporary Side Effects: Some mild swelling, bruising, and discomfort are expected after the procedure. These side effects usually subside within a few days.
  3. Avoidance of Certain Activities: Your practitioner may advise you to avoid strenuous exercise, excessive facial movements, and saunas for a brief period to allow for proper healing.
  4. Follow-Up Appointments: You will likely schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and ensure the threads settle as intended.

The Risk of MINT™ PDO Thread Breakage:

How and Why Threads Break

While PDO threads are generally safe, breakage can occur in some cases. The primary reasons for thread breakage include:

  • Incorrect Placement: If threads are not placed correctly, they may bear excessive tension, leading to breakage.
  • Mechanical Stress: External factors such as facial expressions, forceful rubbing, or trauma can stress the threads.
  • Thread Quality: The quality of the threads used can impact their durability. MINT™ PDO threads are known for their strength and resilience.

Potential Consequences of Breakage

When MINT™ PDO threads break, several outcomes are possible:

  • Ineffectiveness: Broken threads may not deliver the desired lifting effect, leading to suboptimal results.
  • Discomfort: Patients may experience discomfort or pain at the site of the broken thread.
  • Migration: In some cases, broken threads may migrate within the skin, causing irregularities or asymmetry.
  • Infection Risk: Broken threads can create an entry point for bacteria, increasing the risk of infection.

Dealing with Broken MINT™ PDO Threads:

Immediate Response

If you suspect that a MINT™ PDO thread has broken, it’s crucial to consult your treating physician or practitioner immediately. They will assess the situation and determine the best course of action. Sometimes, they may recommend leaving the broken thread in place if it doesn’t pose any immediate risks.

Removal or Replacement

Depending on the circumstances, your practitioner may remove or replace the broken thread with a new one. The decision will be based on the location of the break, the extent of any complications, and your overall health.

Managing Complications

If complications such as infection or migration have occurred, your healthcare provider will address them promptly through appropriate medical interventions. This may involve antibiotics, drainage, or additional treatments to correct asymmetry or irregularities.

Prevention and Safety Measures:

Choosing a Qualified Practitioner

To minimize the risk of MINT™ PDO thread breakage, choosing a qualified and experienced practitioner is essential. They should deeply understand facial anatomy and the proper placement of threads.

Follow Aftercare Instructions

Following your procedure, adhere to the aftercare instructions provided by your practitioner. Avoid activities that can strain the treated area, and be gentle with your skin during recovery.

Regular Follow-Up

Regular follow-up appointments with your practitioner are essential to monitor the progress of your PDO thread treatment and detect any potential issues early.

Future Innovations and Advancements

The world of cosmetic enhancements is continuously evolving, and innovations in PDO thread technology are no exception. Manufacturers like MINT™ are continually researching and developing improved thread designs that are even more resilient and less prone to breakage.

One emerging trend is using dissolvable barbed threads that are stronger and more compatible with the body’s natural processes. These innovations aim to reduce the risk of thread breakage further and enhance PDO thread treatments’ overall safety and effectiveness.


If you’re considering MINT™ PDO thread treatment or have already undergone the procedure, stay informed, follow your practitioner’s advice, and remember that safety should always be a top priority. With the suitable precautions and proper care, you can enjoy the benefits of this innovative cosmetic enhancement while minimizing the risk of complications.

We understand that beauty is personal. Whether you want to enhance your jawline, lift your cheeks, or rejuvenate your neck, we’ve got you covered.

Ready to evolve your beauty journey? Schedule your consultation of PDO Thread Lift at Evolve Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine today and unlock a more youthful, radiant you. It’s time to redefine aging gracefully! Join the countless individuals who have already experienced the transformative power of PDO Thread Lifts. Evolve with us and embrace the beauty of the future!

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Jayla Whitinger


Hi there! I’m Jayla Whitinger. I’m an esthetician, originally from Nashua, and currently living in Cedar Falls. I am passionate about making people feel good about themselves and giving people time in their day to relax and unwind. I recently graduated from Capri College in 2023, and I am excited to continue learning and growing my skills. When I’m not at work I typically spend my time with friends or family, going for walks, cooking, or watching a good tv show. I enjoy being active with my family such as boating in the summer, kayaking, snow skiing, traveling to new places, and trying different hiking trails. 


Patient Care Coordinator

Hello! My name is Lindsey, and I am the Patient Care Coordinator at Evolve Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine. I have been in my profession for 12 years. I am passionate about customer service, whether it’s helping boost the confidence of a nervous patient coming into the office or being that calm voice on the phone who reassures all is well. In my free time, I enjoy Yoga, gardening, being outdoors and spending time with my family, especially my two sons. I believe skin care is part of a healthy lifestyle. It all adds up to a happier you and helps put your best foot forward when you go out into the world!

Karie Benson

RN and Office Manager

Hello! My name is Karie Benson and I am a Registered Nurse and Clinic Manager.  I have been in my profession for 30 years. I graduated from Hawkeye Technical School with my Associate Degree in Nursing. I then furthered my education at Allen College of Nursing and graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. 

I am passionate about the field of nursing and aesthetics. I enjoy working with people and helping them feel good about themselves. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and I strive to help them do just that.

In my free time, I enjoy playing golf and spending time with my family and friends. I am excited to continue my work in my field and make a difference in people’s lives.

Mya Gjerde

Patient Care Coordinator

Hi There! My name is Mya Gjerde. I am a part of the wonderful front desk team we have at Evolve. I am originally from Estherville, Iowa, and currently live in Primghar, Iowa. You might say WOW, that is far from Waterloo. That is correct. I am currently going to Northwest Iowa Community College to attain my Registered Nursing degree. While I am not studying or working, I like to spend my time shopping, spending time with friends and family along with finding new places to eat. One of the things I strive for at Evolve would be providing a welcoming and stress-free environment, for each one of our patients. 

Presley Bushman

Esthetician & Lash and Brow Tech

Hi there! I’m Presley. I’m a Licensed Aesthetician, originally from Fort Atkinson, IA. I’m passionate about making my clients feel and look their very best. I specialize in lash and brow services and have been involved in the beauty industry for 2 years. When I’m not working, I enjoy being around dogs and spending time with family and friends. I look forward to helping you achieve your beauty goals and hope to see you at Evolve soon! 

Aubrey Nachazel

Medical Spa Coordinator/Marketing

Hey there! My name is Aubrey, and I am the Medical Spa Coordinator/Marketing and I have been in my profession for 13 years. I graduated from Hawkeye with my Associate Arts degree in Business Administration. I continued my education at the University of Northern Iowa and obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing with an emphasis in Advertising.

I am passionate about the aesthetics field along with the ever-growing technology and I enjoy helping our amazing patients. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and I strive to help them do just that.

In my free time, I enjoy being outside, home improvement projects, and spending time with my family. I am excited to continue my work in my field and make a difference in people’s lives.

Maryjane Cose, ARNP

Nurse Practitioner

Maryjane Cose is a Nurse Practitioner with over 14  years of experience in women’s health care.

She is a nurse practitioner known for making women feel validated and heard when it comes to their personal health.

Maryjane graduated from Allen College in 2009 with a Master’s in Science of Nursing degree.

After graduating she Worked as a family nurse practitioner at Allen Women’s Health, and currently at Cedar Valley Family Medicine.

Maryjane has a way of making women feel comfortable with their most intimate concerns.

Maryjane explains everything in a way that is personal and easy to understand to help patients to feel that they are in control of their sexual health care.

Maryjane currently lives in Cedar Falls with her husband and two daughters. Maryjane loves Iowa football and any outdoor activities with her family.

Denise Weil 

Registered Nurse

Hello! My name is Denise Weil and I am a Registered Nurse, originally from southwest Iowa (Clarinda) and I currently live in Waterloo. I have been in the healthcare profession for 44 years. I am passionate about quality care and enjoy making people feel better about themselves and helping to make their lives better. In my free time I enjoy camping, downhill skiing, travelling and spending time with my family and friends. I am excited to continue to work in my career field and make a difference in people’s lives.

Crystal Schrader, ARNP

Nurse Practitioner

Ms. Schrader is a nurse practitioner with over 15 years of experience in family, internal and hospital medicine. She has more recently specialized in aesthetic and regenerative medicine for over 5 years. She is a graduate from Allen College in Waterloo, Iowa.  Crystal and her award-winning team pride themselves on providing top notch care in the Cedar Valley. Crystal received her aesthetic training in Beverly Hills through The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery and received mentorship from Dr. Matthew Kettman locally after certification.  

Crystal is married to her wonderful husband, Keith, and has two sons.  In her free time, she loves to be outdoors with her chickens and sip wine.  Crystal also enjoys traveling with family to go boating, surfing and skiing. 

Dr. Matthew Kettman



I’m Dr. Matthew Kettman

I was born in Waterloo, and raised in Gilbertville Iowa, attended Don Bosco high school, Mary crest, college, and then University of Iowa school of medicine. I did my residency here in town and family practice. I became interested in aesthetics in 2017 and started Kettman aesthetics in the same clinic as my family practice office. Three years ago, Crystal Schrader, one of the best nurse practitioner students I ever had many years ago, approached me about joining forces, and the result was Evolve!

I have a wonderful family with two daughters and our beautiful wife. My daughters are still at home and attend high school and Cedar Falls. My parents still live in Gilbertville.

I am a musician and vocalist, and have been in several bands, and still play once in a while. Most of my vans have been rock or heavy metal, but my current one has 11 people including a horn section and five physicians. We are called “Boogie Rx,” and we dress up and play 70s disco music. I also enjoy writing and recording music and I have a couple albums on Spotify and Apple Music, including a self-titled album that I wrote, and recorded with several local musicians called “Matthew Kettman and the Southpaws”

I am still a family physician and have a wonderful clinic across the street from Evolve.

I enjoy working out and spending time with my family. I also founded it school for elementary children in Cap Haitian, Haiti, and continue to support it monthly. I have not been able to visit it in the last couple of years due to the political chaos still present.

My main interest professionally at Evolve is regenerative medicine. I love people with painful joints, hair regrowth, and especially men sexual wellness, using the body’s own healing powers with modalities, such as PRP and Stem Cells.

I would love to meet with you and help you!

Thank you for your interest in Evolve, and a very heartfelt thanks to all of our amazing customers who have made us so successful over these last several years!

Tawnie Lavallee

Medical Aesthetician

Tawnie Lavallee is a Medical Aesthetician with over 30 years of experience in the Aesthetic arena. She is known for her expertise in antiaging and skin resurfacing treatments from head to toe. 

Tawnie has had extensive training in laser and radiofrequency modalities.

She has worked as a Medical Aesthetician and Aesthetic Educator training Aesthetic Professionals, Medical Professionals, and students throughout the United States.  In addition, she has been an intricate part of creating medical-grade skin care products and marketing them worldwide.

Tawnie has a way of making people feel comfortable through her knowledge, confidence, and compassion. Tawnie explains everything in a way that is down to earth and always makes people feel like they are special, and their concerns matter. She believes that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Raising a client’s self-confidence is one of her favorite parts of what she does.

Tawnie currently lives in Cedar Falls with her family. She loves spending time with her children, granddaughter, and her dogs Lilly, and Tucker.  Her favorite thing to do during her free time is cycling throughout the trails of the Cedar Valley.

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